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"Never pretentious or ostentations, David Bennett Cohen delivers good, solid, witty songs.  He's long past having to prove anything. Instead, he's all about having some fun.  He's long earned that right!"

– Jim Hynes / Making A Scene

"Cohen, an authentic master of blues, boogie-woogie and New Orleans R&B piano, and his simpatico friends extract maximum fun or drama from six strong, delightful original songs. The main man also sings with full-of-feeling personality. Give Bittersweet a listen!” 

– Frank John Hadley / Longtime Downbeat Critic


“Bittersweet marks (Cohen’s) first solo outing since three earlier albums released in the first years of the millennium.  It provides a welcome return.  Bittersweet is at its best when Cohen takes full advance of the small army of musicians he has at his employ.  That, then, is all the more reason to applaud Cohen for providing such  well-rounded effort.  Leet’s hope he has more in store soon!”

– Lee Zimmerman / Living Blues


“(Cohen) serves up fine acoustic piano on blues, ragtime and Professor Longhair New Orleans grooves!” 

– Dan Forte / Vintage Guitar


“The Good News is that David Bennett Cohen is still here, and hasn’t dropped a note in how he can capture life from all angles on just 88 keys!”

– Bill Bentley / Americana Highways


David Bennett Cohen
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